REVISED, ADOPTED NOVEMBER 18, 1997, AMENDED 2/14/2001, 7/9/2002, 1/25/2011


I               Name. The organization shall be called Northern Virginia Business Referrals (NVBR).

II             Purpose. The goal of the NVBR is to provide businesses and professionals the opportunity to enhance their business, financial and professional interests.  The group will meet each week to: a) familiarize members with each others’ business; b) learn what is a good referral for other members; c) share such referrals with other members; d) enhance one’s presentation techniques.

III            Membership.

A. There shall be only one member per business category.  Membership shall be stabilized at 40.  A member may represent only one category.

B. Membership shall be continuous for as long as the member is an active participant, as described under Article VI.

C. If an applicant presents a potential business category conflict with an active member, that member shall be given sole discretion to decide whether the applicant will be considered for membership.

IV            Meetings.

A. Meetings shall be held every Tuesday (except holidays).  The day and location may be changed by a majority vote of the members present, provided that notice of at least one week is given that such vote will be taken, subject to the quorum rule, as stated in Article VIII B.   Meetings shall begin promptly at 7:00 AM and end promptly by 8:30 AM.

B. Meeting formats may be changed from time-to-time according to the needs of the membership.  A suggested example follows:

1.  7:00 – 7:15      Order breakfast/Informal networking

2.  7:15 – 7:45      One minute timed infomercials

3.  7:45 – 8:10      Seven minute presentations, or a guest speaker.  Announcements and group business may   be done in this time frame.

4.  8:10 – 8:30      Give leads, report on referrals received, share successes, make compliments, etc.  No one   may say that they have no leads, or merely “pass.”

5. Stand when you speak.

6. NVBR will not meet when Arlington County Public Schools are closed or delayed, due to inclement weather.  Such closings/delays are reported on radio, TV, and the Arlington County Public Schools web site.

V             Guests/Applicants

A. Guests may attend three meetings before they are required to submit an application.  If they do not apply after the third meeting, they may not attend any more meetings for six months, or until they do apply, whichever comes first.

B. Guests may deliver a one minute infomercial, distribute their cards, give and receive leads.

C. If an applicant’s business or occupation conflicts with that of an active member, the applicant’s name will be placed on a waiting list.

VI  Membership Standards.

A. Members are expected to attend all NVBR meetings.  Exceptions can be granted for illness, unanticipated family obligations, or vacations.

B. Members may be represented by a substitute who is able to deliver the member’s infomercial.  If the substitute is not a member of NVBR, the member being substituted for will not be counted as being absent (amendment of 7/9/02).  The substitute may also give their own infomercial, pass out their own cards and give or receive leads.  Acting as a substitute will not count as a guest appearance.

C. A member may designate another member of his/her company on a permanent, temporary or alternating basis.

D. A member who fails to make an appearance (as defined in Article VI A., B. or C.) three consecutive times, or six times in a rolling thirteen week period (holidays, weather cancellations, or when there is a vote not to hold a meeting, are not counted), will be considered inactive members, and subject to forfeiture of their membership.

E. Members are expected to give referrals, which will be kept track of.  A referral is counted as giving a lead or need to another member or guest, or bringing a guest.

F. Members are expected to help promote the group, recruit, find speakers, volunteer for committees and/or assignments, and to lend general assistance to keep the group successful.  Such activities are as valuable as giving referrals.

G. Members are encouraged to take their respective turn in giving a seven minute presentation.  Such presentations shall be on a rotating basis among the active members.

H. Direct Solicitation of other members is prohibited unless invited to do so.

I. Members may not ask for compensation, monetary or otherwise, from another member or guest for giving referrals.

J. NVBR members are required to conduct themselves in a manner which at least equals the generally accepted behavior as that expected in the business community.

K. If a member becomes inactive or withdraws, there shall be no refund of dues.

VII  Leadership.

A. The elected leadership shall consist of a Chairperson, Membership Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator (amendment of 2/14/01) and Treasurer.  These four, plus the immediate past Chairperson, shall comprise the Steering Committee.  Assistant Leaders may be appointed.

B. The Chairperson shall preside over meetings, chair the Steering Committee, and appoint committees as may be necessary.  The Chairperson may also appoint committees as may be appropriate, and a master of ceremonies to conduct the non-business portions of the meetings.

C. The Membership Coordinator shall keep a roster of members, keep a log of attendance, lead sharing and seven-minute presentations, and chair the Nominating Committee.

D. The Treasurer shall oversee the finances of the group, collect dues, make disbursements, and make a financial report to the membership on a minimum quarterly basis.

E. The Marketing Coordinator shall be responsible for all outside activities such as member recruiting, publicity and public relations.

F. The Steering Committee shall meet from time-to-time on issues that affect the viability of the group.  Such matters may involve, but are not limited to, formats, agendas, functions, etc.  All decisions, on any matter, are subject to the will of the majority of the membership voting at a regularly scheduled meeting, subject to the quorum rule in Article VIII B.

VIII Elections.

A. The Leaders will serve a term of one year.

B. Elections will be held at the second meeting in February, unless inclement weather reduces attendance to less than 60% of the then active membership, in which case the elections will be held at the next meeting at which 60% of the active membership shall be in attendance.

C. The Nominating Committee, consisting of the Membership Coordinator and two other non-elected leaders, will be appointed by the Chairperson at the second meeting in December.  The Committee will make its report at the last meeting in January.  The same quorum rule as stated in Article VII B. will apply, in which case the scheduled election meeting will be moved back accordingly.

D. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the election meeting.

E. The Chairperson may not serve successive terms.

F. The newly elected leadership will begin serving their respective terms at the meeting following the elections.

IX            Finances.

A. Dues shall be set by the membership from time-to-time.

B. Suggested dues are $5 per month collected semi-annually, due February 1, and August 1, of each year.

C. New members who join in intervening months shall pay a pro-rata share.

D. Members who do not remit dues within 30-days of the due date shall be subject to forfeiture of membership.

E. All expenditures over $50 require the approval of the majority of members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting of the group at which at least 60% of the active membership is in attendance.  Expenditures of $50 or less may be approved by the Steering Committee.

X             Bylaw changes.

A. Proposed bylaw changes shall be announced and read at two meetings prior to a vote being taken.  Changes shall be approved by a majority of active members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting.

B. In the case of inclement weather, the same quorum rule as stated in Article VIII B. will apply.

XI            Final Authority.

On all matters affecting the NVBR, the final authority rests with a majority of the members in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting, subject to the quorum rule as stated in Article VIII B.